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Fine china manufacturers A - F (alphabetical listings).

This is page 1 of 3 of Peter Holland's 'Who's Who' of famous china makers in Western manufacturing.

The guide gives the reader the essential facts and also tells of the prime movers, the people who started it all and how they got going.

Starts with Adams Ironstone Ends with Fürstenberg of Lower Saxony, Germany Includes a short synopsis of each maker - or a link to their individual page.

Occasionally a pattern was re-launched many years after the initial offering and the same design can then have two numbers. Of those that did, some were included as part of the marks within or alongside the backstamp eg Golden Catkin, Hampton and Guelder Rose others were used as a general reference eg Tree, Magnolia and Zebra.

See the sub-section detailing names as part of this main section.

As china manufacturers they were said to rival Josiah Wedgwood for ceramic development and quality - known especially for Adams Ironstone but also made earthenwares, Parian, creamware, and Jasper wares. see Aynsley England Bone China page Founded 1859 in Beleek, N. Bloomfield was the local landowner who owned the village of Belleek.

The history of this firm of china manufacturers is unique.

In 1900 Arthur Shorter’s younger son John Guy Shorter became the manager and the partnership of Shorter & Son probably dates from this time. Arthur Shorter died in 1926 and in 1933 the business was incorporated as Shorter & Son Ltd with brothers Arthur ‘Colley’ Austin Shorter and John Guy Shorter, as Directors and Harry L. The death of Arthur Colley Shorter in early 1964 spelled the end for the Shorter companies. From early 1964 Shorter & Son Ltd operated from Fielding’s Sutherland St factory under the management of John B. The novelties included Toby Jugs, tobacco jars, ash trays, sugars, creams, cruets, butter dishes, posy holders , and a host of other household items and many of these, especially the Toby Jugs, were still in production in the 1960s.James Wright Beswick founded his pottery business "J. Beswick" , in Longton, Stoke-on Trent, England in 1892. In that year the company was made a limited company called John Beswick Ltd.His sons John and Gilbert along with John's son, John Ewart all played a part in the factories tremendous success. with John Ewart Beswick as Managing Director and Gibert Beswick his Sales Director introducing new pieces to the range.The Shorter marks are utilitarian: virtually all ware was marked with a printed ‘Shorter & Son Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, England’ or similar wording.There are a number of illustrative marks including those used for Batavia Ware and ‘Sunray Pottery’.

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