Linda cardellini jason segel dating

There’s no particular occasion for this post; I just felt like reminescing about one of the best series ever, and the truest televised representation of all time about what it’s like to go through high school.One shortened season isn’t enough, but we’ll always have those 18 episodes. Jesse Eisenberg was the second choice for the role of Sam Weir.

He is currently "painfully single" (as of April 2009) Jason was raised in the Pacific Palisades of CA.

They reportedly met through Williams’ best friend, Busy Phillips, who co-starred with Segel on the Judd Apatow cult sitcom “Freaks and Geeks,” and a source tells the magazine that the couple is “smitten and very serious.” They were photographed with his arms around her after a dinner in Brooklyn and he was seen with Williams’ daughter Matilda (from her relationship with late actor Heath Ledger) the following day.

Williams has previously gotten hot and heavy with director Spike Jonze (Sofia Coppola’s ex), but they split in 2009.

Shia La Beouf auditioned for the role of Neil Schweiber.

Kaley Cuoco auditioned for the role of Cindy Sanders.

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