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She assumed that the fix was in, that she and the DNC had arranged for the coronation she felt she was robbed of in the tulip craze of 2008.

Everyone just laughed when Sanders, a cranky loner from Vermont with a nondescript Senate record, decided to challenge Queen Hillary.

Many of the prisoners were starved, sick and debilitated.38,000-plus: The approximate number of Filipino civilians who were captured by the Japanese army at Bataan.80,000: The estimated number of U. and Filipino military, and civilians who started on the Bataan Death March.54,000: The estimated number of prisoners of war who made it to Camp O’Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March.5,000 to 10,000: Estimate of the number of Filipinos who died during the Bataan Death March.

Multiple sources listed various approximate numbers.500 to 650: The estimated number of Americans who died during the Bataan Death March.60 to 69.6: The approximate distance, in miles of the Bataan Death March. The Bataan Death March was from Mariveles to San Fernando.5: The number of days it took to complete the march.1,816: The number of New Mexicans who served with the 200th Coastal Artillery and 515th Coast Artillery at Bataan.

Skardon, 99, walked the first eight miles of the course along with a group calling themselves Ben's Brigade who accompanied Skardon during the march. Surrounded by a crew of supporters, dubbed "Ben's Brigade," he walked 8.5 miles of the course.

He was recovered by the ship and MEDEVAC to a shore side hospital where pronounced dead a few days later. 20, the Amphibious Ready Group participated in Joint Forces Exercise (JTFEX), Supporting Arms Coordination Exercise (SACEX) and Special Operations Capability Exercise (SOCEX). 14, USS Bataan arrived on station in the North Arabian Sea, launched combat sorties into Afghanistan, in support of OEF, and sent troops to Kandahar in support of Combined Task Force 58. February 20, The Bataan offloaded Marines, their equipment and ammunition while anchored off Kuwait Naval Base, Feb. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, from March 20 through May 31, USS Bataan embarked 24 AV-8B aircraft from VMA-223 and VMA-542 plus two additional from USS Boxer (LHD 4), for a total of 26 AV-8Bs aircraft, making it the largest operational "Harrier Carrier" LHD.Some captives were executed; others died from disease and illness — either during the march or while kept as prisoners afterward. RELATED: Amputee uses inspiration to finish Bataan March"We lost so many guys over there," he said, as Sunday's march got underway. And I think it needs to be told."Schurtz said he was "pleased beyond measure" that the memorial march has grown to its current size."New Mexico had the highest per-capita killed in action of any state in the country during World War II, and that was because of the losses on Bataan by the New Mexico National Guard and of the New Mexicans and west Texans who joined it. Ben Skardon, a survivor of the Bataan Death March, greets marchers as they pass by him during the start of the 2017 Bataan Memorial Death March took place at White Sands Missile Range, Sunday, March 19, 2017. Ben Skardon, returned again to WSMR to participate in the memorial march for the 10th time.Clinton and her aides intoned – wink, wink – that it would be healthy to have a primary fight with Sanders and Martin O’Malley.But Bernie became the surprise belle of his side’s revolutionary ball.

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