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They provide drinks, snacks, and take orders for food delivery.

Some franchisors combine the function of PC room and cafe/snack bar to diversify their revenue stream.

If you still have the receipt, bring this with you so you can prove where and when you bought it and for what price.

Customs officers need to believe that the computer is for your own personal use and that it will only be in the UK temporarily, or they may charge import taxes (duty).

They freely choose seats and activate their codes, and that is when the time-counting starts.This also means you don’t need to worry about viruses infecting your media – they simply can’t survive in this environment.Whilst using our PCs you can charge your mobile at no extra cost just by plugging into the leads provided for Blackberry, i Phones, Windows and Android phones.More than 1,600 of outlets are under operation, and many of them are franchised.Their average occupancy rate is estimated as 23.38% (source:

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