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Many industries undergo periods of consolidation in which some companies identify opportunity to achieve competitive advantage through increased scale or scope, and others must follow in order to remain competitive.

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High Monthly Service Fees for Little Work Most debt consolidation scams will require debtors to pay monthly fee just for using their “services.” These services are generally no more than pulling money from the debtor’s bank account and waiting for money to amass, meaning the company gets paid each month but the debtor’s financial situation has not necessarily improved at all.2.In these cases, a small business owner has two ways to deal with debt: try to save the business while attempting to settle outstanding accounts, or allow the business to fail, but with an exit strategy that minimizes the financial consequences.Obviously, the first option in trying to save a business while managing its debt is taking money out of your own pocket and putting it into your business.Therefore, most debt consolidation companies require that debtors make very high monthly payments into the company's account so that they can amass funds to pay creditors in a lump sum payment.If debtors cannot afford to do this within a very quick time frame, they are left with paying the very high monthly “service” fee (see above) while their money slowly accrues.

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