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Excellent written and spoken English with demonstrable experience of writing proposals and reports for a variety of audiences... Date : Fri, GMTConsortium Coordination Unit Director Freetown, Western Area - . Date : Wed, GMTConsortium Coordination Unit Director Oxfam - Freetown, Western Area - . Date : Wed, GMTInternationale consultant United Nations Development Programme - Freetown, Western Area - Requirements: Fluency in English.... Date : Thu, GMTSierra Leone: Senior Education Adviser - Sierra Leone Freetown, Western Area - of managing a team and ability to support staff in challenging circumstances Fluency in written and spoken English and substantial experience in... Date : Thu, GMTSenior Education Adviser - Sierra Leone Save the Children Alliance - Freetown, Western Area - written and spoken English and substantial experience in writing clear and well-argued project proposals and reports to donors. Ability to work on own initiative, manage complex workloads and deliver outputs and reports to agreed deadlines. Ability to work on own initiative, manage complex workloads and deliver outputs and reports to agreed deadlines. The gem has been put in Freetown's central bank vault.It will get an official valuation under the Kimberley Process, which certifies diamonds as "conflict-free." Diamonds fuelled a decade-long civil war that ended in 2002.

Folklorists and historians who had studied this culture before Turner and concluded that the Gullah merely borrowed and corrupted English and European language and customs. Where others heard Gullah only as a primitive pigeon English, Turner found a rich language that owed as much to Africa as to Europe.

The value of the diamond has not yet been determined, but it could easily be worth tens of millions of dollars.

So-called "blood diamonds" fueled a vicious civil war in Sierra Leone that left up to 120,000 dead.

Sierra Leone is rebuilding its economy following the long-term repercussions of the devastating civil war and the more recent Ebola crisis, during which nearly 4,000 lives were lost.

Despite its potentially very rich mineral resource Sierra Leone faces major development challenges: it is ranked 181 out of 188 countries on the UN Human Development Index and life expectancy is just 50.1 years.

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