Mark ballas dating joanna pacitti

Let's just hope there aren't any sharpened toothbrushes lying around the set. Source Is there anything this attention whore won't do? Here is Joanna Picitti in a picture sent to us via e-mail which appears on the UTE Studios website (FYI- some stuff on that site is NSFW).with her boyfriend Mark Ballas (of "Dancing with the Stars" fame), trying to extend her fame even more.(The break with Simon Cowell, that is) Get more romantic headlines from the Ministry of Gossip in celebrity dating. It seems as though you can count on every group of fresh-faced "American Idol" finalists to harbor at least a few hardened criminals.[…] “I think we have the perfect situation,” Pacitti, 24, told PEOPLE.

The singer and dancer's demanding careers may be what's to blame for their split -- Toscano is currently working on her first album and Ballas is getting busy with "DWTS" partner Kristen Cavallari.

Both of his parents were both professional dancers during their active years.

Mark Ballas, who began professional dancing and choreography in 1999, is most famous for his participation in Dancing with the Stars.

But surprisingly, it looks like only one of this year's Top 36 has spent time in the slammer.

Jessica Langseth, a singer from Minneapolis, was busted a few years back on DUI.

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