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Ska Date is the result of the whole Ska Date team’s hard work, and it proves that it is possible to create a deep, real-life business solution out of a barebone technical platform.Easily and affordably create a professional dating site like or e You determine the period of validity as well as the amount.These plans are site-wide and apply to all users regardless of user longevity.I have been long searching for a good quality premium dating software written in php.Lets take a look on some of the best out-of-box scripts that will help you to start a dating website instantly.You can also choose to offer a promotional free signup to gain initial users.Dating Framework is the only dating software with a proper Modular Extensible Plugin & Theme system. So you can easily change functionalities and design.

Linux, Apache, Tomcat, My SQL) as well as on commercial components (e.g. As true open source software, Open Cms is free of licensing costs.

A single app free solution (Siberian SAE), a multi-apps platform (Siberian MAE) for those who want to create and manage several apps and clients, and a platform edition (Siberian PE) for those who want to sell apps online.

This site tries to gather open-source remakes of great old games in one place.

License: Commercial (9) Live Demo: Server requirements: PHP 5.2, My SQL 3.23, Ioncube loader 4.2, PHP extensions (CURL, FFmpeg, php-dom, GD library, mod-rewrite), Linux and Windows OS.

License: Commercial (7) Live demo: Server requirements: Linux/Windows OS, Apache Web Server, PHP 5.3 and higher (Apache and CGI modules), My SQL 5 and higher, Cron Jobs, ion Cube Loader License: Commercial (7) Live demo: Server requirements: Linux/Unix, PHP 5.4.15 or higher, 1GB free disk space, My SQL/Maria DB 5.5 or higher, PHP extensions CURL, GD library, PHP modules: Zlib, APC, Gettext, Open SSLLicense: Commercial () Live demo: Server requirements: At least 6 MB of space, PHP version 4.3 or newer, My SQL version 4.1 or newer, GD library, ion Cube Loader v4.3 or newer Mr.

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