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You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments; however, we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. When your house is in need of some serious TLC, it can be tough finding room in your budget for renovations and repairs.One way to pay for those projects is by refinancing your home with a Federal Housing Administration-backed 203(k) loan.The mission of Bii Gii Wiin Community Development Loan Fund is to promote homeownership among Native American households throughout the State of Minnesota through the provision of development services and financial products and service.All services and products to be developed will ensure that Native homebuyers are knowledgeable and financially capable of purchasing a home.The workshop will take place on Wednesday, August 17 from pm to pm and it can be accessed by going to clicking on “VCN Workshop Registration”).The KYHC program offers several options for homeowners looking to prevent foreclosure including Unemployment Mortgage Assistance, Mortgage Reinstatement, and Principal Reduction.

The Virtual Counseling Network is uses a unique and innovative new technology developed by the Orange County Housing Opportunities Collaborative (OC HOC), to transform and expand access to professional housing counseling services like those of VCCDC.GAO noted that: (1) HUD does not have an adequate system in place to assess oversight of real estate asset management contractors, and the three HUD field offices that GAO visited varied greatly in their efforts to monitor these contractors' performance; (2) none of the offices adequately performed all of the functions needed to ensure that the contractors meet their contractual obligations to maintain and protect HUD-owned properties; (3) GAO's physical inspection of properties for which the contractors in each location were responsible identified serious problems, including vandalism, maintenance problems, and safety hazards; (4) these included such things as broken windows, graffiti, leaking roofs, and broken steps; (5) these conditions may decrease the marketability of HUD's properties; decrease the value of surrounding homes; increase HUD's holding costs; and, in some cases, threaten the health and safety of neighbors and potential buyers; (6) in connection with HUD's plans to reduce staff by about 29 percent by the year 2002, HUD's single-family property disposition operations, including the real estate asset management function, are in a period of transition; (7) these changes are closely linked to HUD's agencywide 2020 Management Reform Plan; (8) they include: (a) a reduction in property disposition staff and the consolidation of all field offices' single-family housing operations into four homeownership centers; (b) plans to sell the rights to properties before they are assigned to HUD's property disposition inventory so that they can be quickly disposed of once they become available; and (c) to some degree, the use of contracts similar to a pilot program started in September 1996 to test the approach of contracting out all marketing and management functions associated with acquired properties; and (9) while HUD envisions that these changes will eventually limit the need for real estate asset management contractors' services, there will continue to be properties in need of such services for the foreseeable future, even if on a smaller scale.Ventura County, CA – Ventura County Community Development Corporation (VCCDC) will be hosting its first virtual workshop for homeowners who are interested in obtaining up to 0,000 in mortgage assistance through the Keep Your Home California (KYHC) Program.Yes I said investors too, most people think that FHA loans are only meant for low & moderate income families that can't afford conventional lending.But that is just not the case, think of it like this someone tells you hey it is really windy right now (just because you can not see the wind does not mean it is there and you know cause you can feel it) and you know that they are telling you the truth.

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