Updating active x

The users hard drive is not writeable except for one directory, that is set up for people to save data they don't want backing up.

I had seen that link before, and so had to roll my capture machine (Win7 x64 SP1) back to IE8 to capture IE11.On Windows 10 Microsoft ONLY will update it via Windows update as and when they consider it necessary.To date they have not issued an update for version 182 which I note you have installed. i If so you might want to disable Flash from running until required.It seems that a recent Office update (Tuesday 9th Dec) has broken Active X controls on worksheets.The symptoms include (but are probably not limited to): Please note that the files will be recreated when you next use a workbook with an embedded active control – this is quite normal and should not cause you a problem! 🙂 Note: if you are having problems locating the files, you can press Win R to open the Run box, enter %temp% and press Enter.

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