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Louis, “María de Guadalupe: A Beacon for Our Times” is a talk that regards the awe-inspiring meaning, beauty, and pertinence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and her effect on Catholics throughout time. We make resolutions for our health, professional, and social lives, but have we considered the spiritual transformations needed to make 2017 a year for our Lord.“For everything I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for everything I have not seen.” In this Theology on Tap talk, Jane Guenther shares simply and profoundly how the Church understands angels and demons.Suzie Pinkham Young Adult & Campus Ministry Assistant Diocese of Toledo 1933 Spielbusch Toledo, OH 43604-5360 419-244.6711 [email protected] and Daughters of the Light is the starting point to developing a foundation for young adult ministry. SDL is "written to people in leadership positions in church life to encourage them to recognize, support, and motivate ministry with, by, and for young adults.

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When an atheist who gave up his religious views because of deep philosophical considerations, yet is interested in issues of meaning and life enough to join us and contribute — something is happening.The Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad which featured “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages has struck many as a beautiful display of the wide diversity of this nation. Pub theology — gathering with folks to talk about life over beer — is nice.A nation which has always prided itself on being a melting pot, a place where people from anywhere on the globe have found a home. Throwing a few jokes into a stale sermon to appear witty, humorous, relevant. But isn’t it time to start doing some things that really matter?Yet, unsurprisingly, some managed to find it inappropriate. You’ve read, perhaps, about churches making use of beer to gain traction in connecting with people. Isn’t it just dressing up a relic without really changing anything?One group responded on Facebook with this little gem: “Call us what you want, but my Ancestors came here and learned this beautiful language – they did not ask to be catered to… to hear one of nation’s proudest songs in other languages was a bit disheartening… ” Which makes me wonder, do we really want peace in our world? As a person who seeks to cultivate dialogue between people of varying viewpoints, this is a high value of mine. NPR put it more starkly in a story recently: “To Stave Off Decline, Churches Attract New Members With Beer.” But you’re skeptical. I wonder, though, if there isn’t a small flaw or two in this line of questioning: it assumes that pub theology is the only thing one is doing. So I hear these legitimate questions and critiques and occasionally wonder to myself: maybe pub theology isn’t so worthwhile.

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