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The card provides you with a social security number. All United States citizens, temporary working residents and all permanent residents can and should obtain this card.

Purpose The ssc card was initially crafted as a way to keep track of American citizen and their Social Security.

However, the 2004 champion should have enough points from her first three comeback tournaments following her 15-month suspension for a doping offence to make the field for the Wimbledon qualifying competition, which is held at Roehampton the week before competition begins at the All England Club.

Given Sharapova’s response when asked recently about the possibility of playing in in the qualifiers for the French Open – the former world No 1 said she would have been happy to play in the junior tournament if it meant being able to compete at Roland Garros – it is a reasonable assumption that she would adopt the same approach to Wimbledon.

Obtaining a social security card replacement online easy. And then submit it with at least two documents verifying your identity and citizenship.

Those that live and work within the United States should totally understand the importance of their ssc card.

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Wimbledon have always done things their own way, following whatever path they think is right, but after the French Open decided not to award Maria Sharapova a wild card it seems increasingly likely that the All England Club might come to the same decision next month.

With Bernard Giudicelli, the president of the French federation, proclaiming that it was his responsibility to “protect the game”, it would take a bold move by the All England Club to come to a different conclusion when it decides on the recipients of the eight wild cards at its disposal for the women’s singles.

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