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He is also encouraging the Film Actors Guild (led by Alec Baldwin) to shut down Team America and its ultra violent antics.Notable for using -style marionettes and miniatures for visuals.

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I endured his pursuit for three months on Wikipedia. My stalker delighted in these embarrassing verbal dances on Wikipedia, the world’s seventh most-visited website.I had interviewed or photographed everyone from Augusten Burroughs to Madonna to Shimon Peres for Wikipedia.In two days, I was to fly to Brazil to interview the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and Oscar Niemeyer, the architect. “I’m sorry,” I told the tourist board who arranged everything, “I have to fly to Denver because my mother is in the hospital.” What a lie! Encyclopedia Dramatica calls this “Wikicide” and I committed it several times over.The reduced scale allowed different shots and large scenes on the cheap.Its cartoonish qualities also let it turn up the sex and violence because, hey, they're puppets!

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