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It was designed to uncover the truth about the origins of the universe, and along the way it gave the world its greatest innovation in communications.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, began life in the 1950s with the express purpose of exploring the nature of the atom, then the dominant focus of physics research.

Having seen Zellner in action both in practice and education, I have trouble seeing this succeed as more than a tool for self-promotion.

It was very much the work of British software consultant Prior to Berners-Lee, foreign scientists attending the Geneva facility would bring their own computers with them, plug into the CERN mainframe (if their machine was compatible), share and save their research, and then lug the whole thing back home.He made it possible to leave all that heavy lifting, and even travel, behind by inventing the three protocols and languages that still drive the Web today–HTML, URL, and HTTP.With these in place any computer in the world could communicate with any other, as long as they each knew the common language to speak across the internet.Smart, charming, literate and loquacious, these potential matches pushed my bluestocking buttons faster than you can say Dewey decimal.There were writers, filmmakers, professors and autodidacts (a nice change of pace from the autoerotics you so often find over on Craigslist).

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