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All-original except grounded plug (original gray cord included). Big brother of the tweed Harvard model, one of the most recorded amps in history. Here we have a vintage 1964 Ampeg M-15 "Big M" combo amp.

In excellent condition with the original footswitch, loaded with the original Jensen C15N, dating to the 36th week of 1963. Here we have a 1964 Fender Bandmaster head and matching 2x12" cabinet.

Their first amps were very heavily "inspired" on the 1959 Fender Tweed 4x10" Bassman. In the brochures they were called Artist, but the panels on the amps show Artiste. The head amp was also available seperately as model 2048. The schematic is the same as that for the 2040 Artiste amp.

He did this together with technical friend Ken Bran. It is said that these amps were only available through mail order. The Artiste speaker cabinets were in production from 1973 to 1977. I've seen these combo's fitted with Celestion G12H30 speakers. This two piece setup, the head and cabinet, were sold together as Model 2041.

I’ve played stock plexis from 1969 that didn’t sound like the late plexis and early metal panel amplifiers that are typically associated as having additional gain.

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This trend in added brightness continued as the ‘70s rolled onward – my personal theory behind this refinement is two-fold: 1) There was no such thing as a THD Hot Plate or other type of attenuation device at the time and with added brightening to the circuit came a sense of more gain – certainly desired for the time.

We also carry several brands that recreate that unique vintage Marshall sound.

Marshall believed amps are really fine instruments so he paid attention to amp quailty and detail.

With settings at 5-6 its tone is rich and sweet like a hi-fi tube... Speakers are recent Jensens, but the originals are boxed up and included, and will be shipped separately. Early '60s, JMI (Jennings Musical Industries) production, small student combo, 4 watts from a single EL84, ECC83/EF86 preamp, EZ80 tube rectifier, black vinyl, lovely brown Vox grille cloth, hinged handle, has added footswitch jack...

Vintage 1959 Fender tweed Bassman, classic 5F6-A circuit. Mid-60s factory Top Boost AC-30, designed by Dick Denney, JMI production, grey panel, original transformers, housed in a very authentic North Coast repro cabinet riding on a beautiful repro chrome dolly, Weber Blue Dog alnico...

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