Indexing not updating outlook 2016

Before I wiped the index there were 1.9 *million* items indexed (including emails of course). The next morning: It's now ten hours and 288K items indexed. The little indexing animation at the top was rotating, but the count of files indexed was not changing. When I started moving the mouse around, it stopped rotating and said that indexing was slow because of user activity.A few minutes after I stopped, the animation started again. I Understand that this question has been asked before, but none of the suggested solutions seem to work for us.The only thing that works temporarily is if we disable and then enable the indexing.We do not use Exchange and continue to use POP for the email server. Sometime int he last couple weeks searching stopped working. When I check the status of the indexing, it reports that it is up-to-date. It appears to be (though I find the listing to be a bit confusing). Seems too quick by *far*.) You could try this - reboot (do not start Outlook), remove Outlook from the search index settings, rebuild the index, reboot (do not start Outlook), add Outlook back to the search index settings, rebuild the index again, reboot once more.Go to advanced properties and enable the contents to be indexed. In my case, outlook stopped to index POP/PST accounts.

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Do note that while the index is being rebuilt searches probably won’t work, so just wait until the process completes.It doesn't give an error, it just wont return results.After extensive googling, I have found and tried the following solutions to no avail.Close Outlook and wait for about 5 minutes and also verify in Task Manager (CTRL SHIFT ESC) that on the Processes tab the process actually quits.You might get a lot of disk activity; this is the Search Indexer removing the indexed items from the Index.

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