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In an email, seen by Page Six, sent to Peter — who is still working as an architect but moonlighting as a real estate agent at Saunders in Westhampton — Shaw accuses him of having a “secret pathological predilection” for young women. You for, well, being you, or me for not seeing what you were … Knifed my understanding heart.” Shaw, who was with Cook for seven years and married to him for two, stood by him during his bruising public divorce with Brinkley.

After Shaw allegedly discovered pictures of other women on his computer, as well as a video he filmed of himself having sex with a prostitute, she wrote in the email to Cook: “To think you fought Christie, the mother of your children, for custody, knowing what you were, knowing what you did … But now Shaw, who has a daughter from a previous relationship but no kids with Cook, admits Christie was right all along.

Yet, while recalling the harrowing after-effects of a notorious missing-child case that continues to haunt Nashville residents 13 years later, she lets her guard down with a few unexpected tears. The song that addresses that event, the absolutely devastating "Tabitha Tuders' Mama," cuts a little too close to home for the singer, whose upbringing was fraught with the effects of her father's alcoholism and his eventual prison sentence.

Bemused now by the rumors surrounding her relationship with singer-songwriter and close friend Todd Snider, she was stunned when her management at the time strongly urged her to go to rehab instead of embarking on a planned tour with him.

2011 was the year when Dane got spotted with a mystery girl at Dane’s vacation in Hawaii, where they were pictured kissing and cuddling during the surf.

Caption: Dean smiles as he is having a quality time with his mystery girlfriend in HAWAI!!!

It sold 14,000 copies its first week out, according to Nielsen Sound Scan, putting Sanchez at No. Season 3 winner Fantasia had the best chart position, though.Kree Harrison had the biggest impact on the original, as sales of Carrie Underwood's See You Again more than tripled. nk's Just Give Me a Reason, the song Amber Holcomb covered, was week's top-selling track with 255,000 downloads, though that number marks just a 1% increase from the previous week.David Cook debuted his new Laying Me Low on Thursday's results show. Sales data on several Idol-related singles and tracks follows: Idol albums Fantasia, Side Effects of You (36,000, -60%, 127,000) (#4 Billboard 200)Jessica Sanchez, Me, You & the Music 14,000, debut, 14,000) (#26 BB200)Carrie Underwood, Blown Away (8,000, 6%, 1.429 million) (#49 BB200Phillip Phillips, The World From the Side of the Moon (8,000, -2%, 861,000) (#50 BB200)Kelly Clarkson, Greatest Hits-Chapter 1 (8,000, -6%, 406,000) (#52 BB200)Colton Dixon, A Messenger (2,000, -31%, 97,000)Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (2,000, 21%, 7.318 million)Carrie Underwood, Play On (1,000, 29%, 2.2 million)Idol-related albums Various, Now That's What I Call Music!Cook split with Shaw in February 2014 over his skirt-chasing ways, and then earned himself a reputation in the Hamptons for covertly photographing young women in public places.Shaw now says that Brinkley — who famously hissed at Shaw during a 2012 court appearance, “When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I’ll be here for you” — was right all along about Cook.

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