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Facing them is one boy, who will at first secretly choose one of the girls to be his date.Then, he reveals some basic information about himself, after which each of the girls will decide whether he is ‘date-worthy’ or not.

” They also brutally rejected a 40-year-old divorcee and single mom.

And now this is the first dating show in China actually brings the parents into the “perfect wife/husband” selection. Take a look at the trailer: Janny Chyn is the founder of Shanghai Pathways ( a platform that engages people to learn and understand the city through unique cultural activities “off the beaten tracks.” She is also a writer for The Courier magazine and has been a guest speaker for schools and organizations.

Apart from running Shanghai Pathways, Janny provides training and consultation service for corporate clients such as P&G, Ipsos and Google.

A new dating show is sparking huge controversy online after inviting bachelors’ parents to judge if a candidate is a good match for their son, leaving the audience questioning whether Chinese men are overindulged and their families meddle too much in marriage.

After reading about the posts on wechat regarding this show. In China, romance is often sacrificed to practicality; dating has largely become a commercial transaction.

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