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If more physicians were open to corresponding in these ways, convenience could be a big benefit too.

"For many patients, communicating with their doctor isn't as easy as they would like," Lee says.

Calling the clinic can involve rounds of phone tag ( fun), but email and Facebook allow you to chat when it works best for you.

We have seen that for some teens, getting a Facebook earlier (around age 13-14) and having parents set rules around how it is used can help that teen learn to use it in a safe way. Megan Moreno: I think that a couple concepts can help parents navigate those tricky monitoring approaches.Technology for conducting audio and video interaction in real time between users at disparate locations.Video chats are typically conducted via a computer, tablet or smartphone device (also called videophone chatting), and may involve point-to-point (or one-to-one) interaction, as in the case of Face Time and Skype, or multipoint (or one-to-many) interaction, as in the typical case of Google Hangouts.This chat is also moderated so please behave appropriately so that you don't end up getting banned or kicked out of the chat room.Absolutely no adults in this chat room please, you will be banned.

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