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The work of Tyler Perry, with its wild mood swings between near-Shakespearean extremes of broad farce and intense melodrama, plus its sudden bursts of song and/or religious fervor, has been both hugely successful and critically questionable.

The writer-director’s latest play-to-film, “Why Did I Get Married?

That everything portrayed on screen takes itself intensely seriously tells me the creators of N-Secure did not intend to make a cheap, cheeseball, blacksploitation thriller with the mentality of the hooting and hollering audience of a “Maury Povich Show” baby daddy episode.

I’m convinced the only thing standing in the way of N-Secure and cult movie certainty is it being about 20 minutes too long.

In South Dakota, Agnes Stewart, a Scottish girl takes refuge in an isolated house during a blizzard.

Hearing cries outside, she rescues Jean Baptiste, a Black homesteader who was in danger of freezing to death.

This film is about four couples, all friends from college, who are going on their annual retreat to not only work on their marriage but catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives.

TODAY ONLY .00 (A 70% DISCOUNT) ***CLASS SIZE LIMITED***Ladies, Welcome to “The Secret Art of Becoming a Man Whisperer” Course.Nor does she miss an opportunity to belittle her ex-footballer spouse Marcus (Michael Jai White), who is apparently inured to his wife’s constant put-downs.Janet Jackson charmingly, if somewhat blandly, incarnates Patricia, an award-winning pop psychologist and author who launched her career with a book describing her and her friends’ annual marriage-examining getaway.Baptiste falls in love with Agnes, who does not know that she is not White.Baptiste despairs of overcoming the social barriers that prevent their union He returns east and marries Orlean, the daughter of Mc Carthy, a vain and greedy minister.

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