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Yet they often look somehow concocted and unspecific to me.

Never quite abstract, never entirely candid, always at a tangent to the world, Hodgkin is a strangely opaque painter.

And, despite the dig taking place over a small site, the dig turned up a wealth of finds, including nine burials and plenty of grave goods in what experts believe was a Saxon burial ground.

The bodies discovered are believed to date back to the early Saxon period - around the 6th century AD - and included both men and women, young and old.

Archaeologists believe the people were pagan but, interesting, the burials were aligned east to west, a typically Christian trait.

The burials included a man found lying on a decorative shield, with a knife and a spear also discovered.

Howard Hodgkin was in the National Gallery Encounters show, hanging his wayward transcription of Seurat's Bathers at Asnières alongside the original.

Hodgkin's painting was awful, but all he ever gets is more encouragement.

Inside, a new lift allows significantly improved access to the upper galleries and their delights.

Now 13 of Hodgkin's paintings have been hung at Dulwich Picture Gallery, where they take their places among the Dutch landscapes, next to the Poussins, alongside the Tiepolos and beside the English portraits. Almost no one ever does, though it isn't always easy to see why.

His paintings are a kind of lexicon of painterly effects, of lurching high-key colour and sticky brushwork, of florid, bravura lunges and strangely indeterminate dead passages.

Please note displays do change so if you are travelling far to see a particular item please phone ahead of your visit.

But I wish to have another part of my life to happen - a real partnership with someone special.

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