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The testimony came amid Andrew’s ongoing million lawsuit against the Marriott Hotel in Nashville, where she was secretly filmed while undressing in 2008, when she worked for ESPN.

“Ma$e was like, ‘Yo, Jomo, if we gonna be with you, learn how to rhyme,” Cam’ron recalls when giving a rundown on how his relationship with Jim Jones began. has been referenced multiple times throughout hip-hop history, including by Jim Jones himself, but Cam’ron addresses the situation for the first time and explains that he had nothing to do with the fight.

Could this film have been Anderson's most pastel confection yet?

In a shot like this, where Zero (Tony Revolori) and Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) embrace in a car filled with pastry boxes, "There was so much pink in there, between the boxes and skin tones, that I tried to use bounce cards and white light so that their skin tones wouldn't be overly red." It's a shot that incorporates a lot of Wes Anderson trademarks like deep focus and incredibly specific prop placement, but these boxes are all arranged in a frame far boxier than Anderson typically uses, since he adopted the Academy ratio — — for the Grand Budapest sections set in the 1930s.

After the video came out, she said Monday, according to Deadspin, she was pressured to do an interview about the video just to prove that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

Her story shows how hard it is to be just “a girl who loves sports” on national television.

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