Celebrity dating show on fox radiocarbon dating ancient egypt

) poses a challenge question to each of the team’s final two ladies.

The winners will go on a dream date with the celebrities.Fox’s The Choice is a celeb-reality dating show that gives ordinary (as in not rich, famous or impossibly beautiful) people the chance to win a date with celebrity.The series, which hits the air on June 7th, has released the names of the celebs some lucky lowly folk will have a chance at dating. It’s a long list of men and a somewhat shorter list of women who will hit the stage in spinning chairs to pick from among a lineup of non-celebrity, but likely impossibly beautiful anyway, singles.but less so about the talent and more about whose personality sounds interesting enough to spend the night with.Other famous “bachelors” on the show include Pauly D, Rob Kardashian and The Situation.

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