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Today, the country singer is finally ready to talk about her marriage to Blake and she is not...Jon Snow might know nothing, but that doesn't mean you have to know nothing! After weeks of silence from Corinne Olympios, the Bachelor in Paradise star is finally speaking out after a clip from her encounter with De Mario Jackson was released in a new promo for... Rachel Lindsay has some tough words for fans who believe that she was too hard on Peter Kraus on the finale of The Bachelorette.

For the first time in decades, the fate of the US Supreme Court case Roe vs Wade seemed to be in real doubt.

As we chat, she will reveal, in a hushed voice: "I've had an abortion." I'm simultaneously touched and saddened that my new acquaintance feels compelled to tell her story to a complete stranger - and to do so in a whisper. How could I expect the men I date to be any different?

READ MORE: * Raise kids without gender * Couple's surreal roadside birth * 'Crazy' response to egg donor plea * IVF and all its baggage The party-goers have clearly talked before I arrived: Colleen is going to be here tonight. In the past, I've tried every strategy: Burying references in my online dating profile; waiting until the third date to talk about the specifics of my work; carefully dropping the word "abortion" in conversation and watching for a reaction. Every man I have ever dated - no matter how liberal or open-minded he professes to be - has flinched, looked away, or gone silent when I first tell him what I do.

Jambone, Robusto and I recently finished our online dating book. I prefer low calorie yoghurt (-1) Qu.3 – People usually describe you as: a.

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