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command in Eclipse and then filtering the options by entering the word maven in the filter field.

As noted above, there are three options available for importing a Maven project into Eclipse including: Maven Projects, Check out Maven Project from Subversion, and Materialize Maven Projects.

Please register for the following bug to show that you are interested in this development: Provide an alternative Artifact search mechanism in Eclipse Maven On the first wizard page you can select if you want to create a simple project. In this exercise we want to use an archetype as template for our project creation. To use Maven in Eclipse for Java web development, you should also install an configure the Eclipse web development tools (WTP).

See Eclipse Web Development Tools ( WTP/article.html#installation) for its installation and usage.

file has the appropriate elements to specify the location of a source repository.

Using this feature, you can browse the central Maven repository for projects, and materialize them into Eclipse projects.

Let’s move on now to review the other two options for importing a Maven project into Eclipse.The default request timeout is 60s, so I'm curious whether the transfer eventually fails with a timeout error after that period.If indeed the download itself gets stuck, you might need to bug Oracle about that issue in their HTTP client code.This tooling manages the project dependencies and updates the classpath of the project dependencies in the Eclipse IDE.It ensures that the Maven experience in Eclipse is as smooth as possible.

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