Middle school dating violence video

This article gives an overview of school violence statistics in the United States, including school shootings, fighting at school, bullying, and other forms of violence.

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And I used to think back then, why don't people come up with some original topics, and not the done-and-dusted ones about coming to bury Caesar and not to praise him?

comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard helps young adolescents discover that they have the power and the responsibility to make the right choices for themselves.

The TV cameras follow him to middle schools in different regions of the U. as he thrills his young listeners with unusual humor about growing up, and engages groups of teens in highly productive problem-solving sessions about serious issues that affect their lives.

It’s something you need to work on if you want a strong relationship.

You have to do your best to make your partner feel special, listen, compromise and be affectionate.

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