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Email abuse, junk email, and fraudulent emails (phishing) continue to burden the entire email ecosystem.

To help build back consumer trust in the use of email, Microsoft has put in place various policies and technologies to help protect our consumers.

Microsoft understands that no single organization can change or eliminate email abuse on its own.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a major role in identifying and curbing abuse as they host millions of email accounts around the world.

When PNP ranks drivers, it first looks at the hardware ID that the driver matches.

If any two drivers match identical hardware, Zac notes, the first tiebreaker is the date of the driver.

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After creating login via my FB account, I've tried several times to login and use the app but each time it freezes or crashes and quits. My advice: don't even install it, a complete waste of time in my humble opinion.With over 2 million users on Nearby Live, you are bound to find plenty of other users near you. It is available for free in the Windows Phone store.You might also want to check out the Nearby Live app, which has recently been updated significantly and is also available for free on Windows Phone, Windows 8, i Phone, and the web.By dating its drivers June 21, 2006 (the Windows Vista Release to Manufacturing (RTM) date), Microsoft is ensuring its drivers are never picked first ahead of newer drivers from OEMs.Microsoft employee Raymond Chen corroborates Zac’s explanation, adding that it does look a bit funny but it all works out in the end.

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