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I have used Nova Launcher for years now, but Apex, GO, and Action are all well-reviewed and have their own sets of amazing features. Thanks to Android 4.4’s new Home switcher, it is now easier than ever to test out a variety of them. From the lock screen on your device, and with device in hand, you can perform a handful of quick swipes to get you to places in your phone without ever having to press the top-located power button.

For example, if you double tap on the screen, it will wake to your lock screen so that you can easily check the time or see if you have notifications. If you swipe to the left with your screen off, your phone will unlock to your home screens.

Dose anyone know how long they take to Process the order? In total it took 2 days in delivering since I got a e-mail saying it was delivered.

I ordered a Samsung i900, but it has been 2-3 days now but it is still 'Processing' Never ordered overseas or used this site, so I am not too sure if this is normal. 3 days since applying the order so it took 5 days in total.

Similar to the list we put together for the Galaxy S5 earlier in the week, we will walk you through lock screen widgets, why you should take advantage of HTC’s TV app, the benefits of using a micro SD card, and of course, help you customize the device to your liking. You can install an awesome icon pack, tell widgets to overlap, increase your grid to fit icons perfectly or fit more info on a screen, change animations between pages, remove the dock if you would like, and even add gestures to accomplish tasks.

I was a little worried as I didn't get a tracking number.Yes, there are verified malware programs out there for both the Macintosh and for Linux. Equally importantly, if you don't at least run an antivirus program, you run the risk of passing a virus on to your Windows friends (assuming any of them actually talk to you). So I've split the Tango into parts - Windows, Linux, the Macintosh, etc. But you get to all of them by that same "Let's Dance! The scope of this Alert’s analysis is limited to the newest Petya malware variant that surfaced on June 27, 2017.This malware is referred to as “Not Petya” throughout this Alert.The simple act of getting on the Internet and downloading email or going to a Web page can expose your computer to malicious crackers who would love to take over your machine for their own use. Originally, the Security Tango was mostly for Windows-based computers.To dance the Security Tango, click the Let's Dance link up above. I'm sure that those of you running Linux or a Macintosh used to laugh yourselves sick at all the machinations that your Windows-using friends had to go through to keep themselves safe. As Linux and the Mac have become more popular, we've see more viruses for them.

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