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A presidency under House, Senate, FBI and special counsel investigation.A presidency with not one single major piece of legislation passed (by contrast Barack Obama had the economic stimulus; the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; and was creating what would soon be the Affordable Care Act).

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In the seventies/early eighties, he handled advertising for Peaches Records and Tapes' Southeastern and Midwestern stores.

He also wrote record reviews for The Great Speckled Bird, a ground-breaking underground newspaper based in Atlanta.

Constituents may also obtain assistance by calling Congressman Barr’s District Office at 859-219-1366, during the hours of a.m.

When episodes of The Andy Griffith Show ran short, Griffith and the late Don Knotts would often huddle in the corner and write their characters some extra lines—sometimes related to the plot, sometimes not. "You know when they put that stamp machine in the post office? It doesn't matter how strong you are, because it's leverage." When Griffith charges Knotts and puts him in a headlock, Knotts croaks, "Nope, nope… Season Two: Episode 19, "A Medal For Opie"Knotts bemoans his paltry paychecks, complaining that when he took his girl to a Chinese restaurant in Mount Pilot, he didn't have enough money to leave a tip. While the businessman paces impatiently on Griffith's porch, Knotts drawls, "You know what I think I'm going to do?

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