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What’s the point of baby boomers complaining about Generation Y at work? It’s one thing for boomers to verbally squash Generation X — that was no problem. But in Generation Y, baby boomers have met their match.

First of all, it’s a cliché, because people over 40 have been complaining about “young people” since forever. And in the demographic catfight of the century, Gen X aligns itself with Gen Y over baby boomers, which means that the workplace gripes boomers have about young people are going to be moot in a matter of years.

In 2014, she shared her daughter’s school photo on Instagram and users took her to task for putting makeup on her then-6-year-old daughter. She’ll be conscious of her size/weight/figure by now and she’s only a baby!

But on June 18, when Abraham shared a behind-the-scenes look at her child’s bikini photo shoot on Instagram, it was met with some particularly harsh criticism — including accusations that the 25-year-old mom was “sexualizing” her daughter.“Disgusting! Well done for ruining your daughter’s childhood.” User senwisdom went as far as suggesting that child protective services should step in: “When will child services get involved and take her child away for her sexualizing her in this manner???

So maybe the over-40 crowd should spend less time talking about trying to “bridge the generation gap” — which is really a euphemism for “get Gen Y to be more like us” — and more time celebrating the great things that Generation Y brings to the workplace.

Because of the way I do interviews, it’s hard to get 8 to 10 interviews done. The reason I don’t like the beard is I don’t like the grey in the beard. Then I had the great idea to put one of those plastic like bags on the side of the changing table, so everything goes right in. For some reason, this is where my systems and goal-oriented thinking gets me screwed up. But if I just feel comfortable with myself and comfortable with the fact we might be friends or not, when we could be friends rate of return maybe not. You know what, actually, let me do a quick ad and then we’ll come back and talk about what happened at Converted at 2016 and how this whole realization that I had helped me. The guy has to be that good for the CTO to admit it. Then I went to Instacart and I ordered a bunch of cheese and crackers and I ordered some scotches and some wine and that’s it and some disposable glasses that looked nice. Then we had all the people who listen to Mixergy come in. It changed the way that we do business here at Mixergy.I need to take a pic to remember this very day and moment.’ I can’t blame Farrah for wanting to remember how wonderful being a mom can be.” Other users pointed out that children model kids’ clothes, including swimsuits.“And can I just add this as well,” wrote user laurensummerrr. Kids do, not adults…it’s no different so get off your high horse and stop being stupid and mean.”negatively affect her self-esteem down the road.“I have [an] 11 year old and a 7 year old,” commented user crystal_newbrough.“They are both girls and when they are in beautiful dresses and out swimming at the lake I think, ‘Wow, my children are so beautiful.

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