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I work at home depot and i will never shop there or even work there again they are indeed total rip off artisis.

The management also really doesnt care,even about there employees that complain about not enough staff and no help for new staff. If you have to ask, it's probably not the best idea.

Here are 14 ways date night becomes more romantic after laser eye surgery. Most Recent Videos - - Free Sex Videos and Pictures! Akira Ichinose, like most of her contemporaries Bianca Marin Making Of Sexy. So, making hateful and generalized statements might be a reason to re-evaluate yourself and your job choices instead of blaming others or a company.i work at ahome depot in PA, there was a dh dating a hc, not only did they date but they got married and had a baby together, and everything was fine, yet two cashiers started dating and they were told that one of them had to leave the store, yet the dh who is also a key carrier and the hc were not only dating but were married so why was it that one of the cashiers had to go but it was fine for those two, but i guess it all depends on who you know and who you blow, a lot of things what go on in the home depot is not fair and i think that a lot of managers need to take their head from their asses and stop playing favorites, if there is going to be one rule for one then there should be the same rule for all, and they should not pick and choose as to who can do what and who cant do what because then that causes a big divide within the store and if you are not part of the "click" then you have to always mind your p's and q's and walk on eggshells because anything that you do will be put iunder a microscope Had a DH and HC who were married.....of a sudden "policy" changed and one had to leave the store and transfer to another. just got told today that i have to turn in my keys due to policy changes in may of this year.

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