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I'd start with the surname Findlay and the town in Iowa as a place of residence, then look for families of parents, three boys and two sisters. If she finds a candidate family in the 1900 census, she can look for the same family in the 1895 Iowa state census and the 1880 US census (remember, the 1890 census has been lost).Of course, it's possible that not all of this family's children are present in the picture and/or spouses are shown, so Barbara can broaden her search to households that are close but don't exactly match. Then she can see if the family overlaps with her family history.Using this broad approach, with an emphasis on dating old fashions, she successfully determines an accurate and usually close date range for family photographs and artworks and can often suggest the occasion that inspired their creation - an engagement, wedding, 'breeching', 'coming of age', 21st or landmark birthday, new job, wedding anniversary or mourning.Old photographs from the UK feature significantly, yet Jayne has worked on pictures originating all over the world, from Ireland to the United States, Canada to Brazil, Russia to Australia, France to India and will do her best to help with all international inquiries.There were no names on the back, and no one else in the family recognizes the people shown.

The back of the postcard is of an unusual, but generic, "K" Kodak design dating from the late 1930s (Playle's list has a similar example from 1936) with Hawke's stamp at upper left indicating that he was operating from 19 Chestnut Avenue, Derby.They’re an incredible choice if you want a unique and romantic style of photography. Forget posed, sterile and old-fashioned imagery, and instead think of colourful, intimate and beautiful wedding photography.We’ll hand you over to the team so you can find out more… We grew from a desire to create a more personal type of photography – remarkable imagery and memories, unique to you that turn a wedding into Your Perfect Day.The vast nature of our work has a documentary-style with a candid approach – so we’ll be there to capture every true emotion, every laugh, joke and yes, even the tears without you knowing it.We love creating unique photography that you’ll cherish forever, and love the honest reactions from our couples when we deliver their wedding photography.

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