Self liquidating bilateral lines

Currency and Tenor: The transaction currency may be both RMB and foreign currencies.

The tenor of the syndicated loan is negotiated by and between the borrower and the lenders according to the borrower's production cycle, repayment capacity, and project valuation. CCBLondon is dedicated to UK-China trade loans and has an expert team with specialist expertise in loan management.

agro based products like HPS Groundnut, defatted & deoiled cakes, tobacco, pepper, cardamom, cashew nuts, etc.) where packing credit required is in excess of FOB value, PCFC would be available only for exportable portion of the produce.(iii) Substitution of order/commodity Repayment/liquidation of PCFC could be with export documents relating to any other order covering the same or any other commodity exported by the exporter.

In case of non-utilisation of PCFC drawals for export purposes, the penal provisions stated above should be made applicable and the ‘Running Account’ facility should be withdrawn for the concerned exporter.(iii) Banks are required to take any prepayment by the exporter under PCFC scheme within their foreign exchange position and Aggregate Gap Limit (AGL) as indicated in paragraph 1.1.4 (iii) (c) above.

CCB London’s outstanding professional service team manages a documentary business that covers the whole suite of traditional banking products used in trade settlements flows.

It is supported by the Bank’s advanced and efficient trade settlement systems that enjoys a leading position among Chinese peers and benefits from a worldwide business network of banks.

To be eligible for this risk weight, the savings association must maintain a positive margin of collateral on the claim on a daily basis, taking into account any change in a savings association's exposure to the obligor or counterparty under the claim in relation to the market value of the collateral held in support of the claim.

self liquidating bilateral lines-40

Can be liquidated, terminated or accelerated immediately in bankruptcy or similar proceeding, and the security or collateral agreement will not be stayed or avoided under applicable law of the relevant jurisdiction. 555 or 559), a qualified financial contract under section 11(e)(8) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act ( 12 U. All claims on depository institutions incorporated in an OECD country, and all assets backed by the full faith and credit of depository institutions incorporated in an OECD country.

The risk-weight categories are: Cash, including domestic and foreign currency owned and held in all offices of a Federal savings association or in transit.

Any foreign currency held by a Federal savings association must be converted into U. dollar equivalents; Securities issued by and other direct claims on the U. Government or its agencies (to the extent such securities or claims are unconditionally backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government) or the central government of an OECD country; Notes and obligations issued by either the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government; Claims on, and claims guaranteed by, a qualifying securities firm that are collateralized by cash on deposit in the savings association or by securities issued or guaranteed by the United States Government or its agencies, or the central government of an OECD country.

A Syndicated Loan is a loan arrangement where multiple banks or non-banking financial institutions approved for loan services adopting the same loan agreement on ground of homogenous conditions to a single borrower.

CCB London is an active participant in the syndicated loan market in Europe assisting clients who have links with China.

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