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POST THIS TO YOUR WALL FOR YOUR FRIENDS ATTENTION: THE HACKERS ALREADY ENTERED IN FACEBOOK & THEY ARE PUTTING PORNOGRAPHIC VIDEOS TO YOUR NAME IN THE WALLS OR PROFILES OF YOUR FRIENDS WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT.Folks who are therefore using social networking sites prudently should not fear they’re about to unknowingly begin issuing porn video come-ons to their friends and family.

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THE HACKERS ARE PUTTING SEXUAL VIDEOS TO YOUR NAME IN THE WALLS / PROFILES OF YOUR FRIENDS WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT. SO IF YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING FROM ME, IT’S NOT MINE! These messages usually contained cautions meant for friends of those users to avoid “opening” (clicking links to) those movies and to avoid “voting” on any proffered picture sent via the same channel.

YOU DONT SEE IT, BUT OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE IT, AS IF THESE WERE A PUBLICATION THAT YOU MADE! We’ve yet to encounter any verified account of “hackers” having surreptitiously inserted “invisible” risqué films into the Facebook accounts of innocent users, posts which those users cannot see but are visible to their friends.

A viewer in Kuwait has allegedly streamed the movie live on Facebook for nearly an hour. However, the filmmakers have sought the assistance of the fans on social media to identify the links to the pirated versions of the film on the internet and take them down.

This is not the first time, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s last year blockbuster film Dangal was also leaked on Facebook by a film viewer in Dubai.

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