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This is a gorgeous campground that reminds me very much of Sequoia National Park.

The Valley Oaks and Cypress trees outnumber the pines.

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Dogwood is walking distance from Rim of the World High School and they were having a varsity football game against the Diamondbacks (who trounced them 45-7).

We enjoyed the game, caught some zees and drove home Saturday morning for a shower and to pick up Sherry.

Note about HDMI adapters and audio support: there are many options available on Amazon and some are very cheap, many of which will not actually carry audio despite advertising that they do.

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Lets get started and cover the basic requirements first.The result will be the Mac exporting both video and audio signals to the TV.HDMI is really the best way to connect a Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book, i Mac, or Mini to an HDTV screen, whatever your intended usage purpose is.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Maybe you want to use the TV as a giant external monitor, to play games on a big screen, or just for video playback and movie streaming?

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