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Anthony Scaramucci belatedly got the 'SNL' treatment courtesy of 'SNL' alum, Bill Hader ... It kinda felt like calling Scaramucci "The Mooch" was a new thing, even though it was kinda played out a couple weeks ago. And the Steve Bannon autofellatio gag was last month's news cycle.

Others honour artists or celebrities known for work in a particular field.

Ashi's hunt for the samurai after last week's near-tragedy led her to some of this season's most nostalgic callbacks to the show's past (not to mention some fun intercutting with Scaramouche, who met with some of Jack's old pals, too).

"XCVIII" ended with an action-packed finale that finally answered the season's big green samurai question -- here's what it all means for the final four episodes left in the show. The Woolies -- whom Jack saved from subjugation -- mistook Ashi for a servant of Aku and nearly tried to take her out.

But their impact is blunted when no one making the films cares about what these elements are supposed to mean.

Why should fans care about the latest chapter of a story when the creators themselves don’t? Based loosely on the original Disneyland ride, it tells a single, coherent story that wraps up pretty conclusively.

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