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And in a short film he is voiced by Andrew Stanton.

HAL speaks in a soft, calm voice and a conversational manner, in contrast to the crewmen, David Bowman and Frank Poole.

Part of HAL's hardware is shown towards the end of the film, but he is mostly depicted as a camera lens containing a red or yellow dot, instances of which are located throughout the ship.

HAL 9000 is voiced by Douglas Rain in the two feature film adaptations of the Space Odyssey series.

He replied that if the spirits were only capable of subtle influences, a sensitive recording device would provide a better chance of spirit communication than the table tipping and ouija boards mediums employed at the time.

However, there is no indication that Edison ever designed or constructed a device for such a purpose.

Online retail giant Amazon today introed a hands-free camera which has been specifically designed to judge your wardrobe choices in comparison with others.

In the film 2001, HAL became operational on 12 January 1992 at the HAL Laboratories in Urbana, Illinois as production number 3.

The activation year was 1991 in earlier screenplays and changed to 1997 in Clarke's novel written in conjunction with the movie.

"Thank you making our announcement about the parking for festival.

We were sold out two days prior to Festival Day and made over 00 for Vashon Resettlement committee helping the new Syrian families on Vashon next month.

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