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I loved my first year here so much that I stayed for summer, taking four math classes.This school loves its students and wants everyone to succeed.If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday, I would be online (facebook or aim) or watching a movie.On weekends most people look for parties on campus or off campus. On a Saturday, people can watch movies downtown, go out to eat, play video games or watch tv and attend campus activities.The campus is hands down the single most beautiful one in the world. Dining options leave nothing to be desired, which is saying something because I am picky! I couldn't be happier with my choice of school.I love my professors and I appreciate the staff members in all the Student Services departments. I can tell greek life is very small here, but I know people trying to get more involved. I rarely go off campus because there is nothing special to do.I don't know what groups are the most popular on campus. Guest speakers vary on a wide scale from extremely, overflowing-ly popular to empty. I met my closest friends in the dorms freshman year and through the Wilderness Orientation program.

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The locus classicus for the Celtic gods of Gaul is the passage in Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico (The Gallic War, 52–51 BC) in which he names six of them, together with their functions.In characteristic Roman fashion, Caesar does not refer to these figures by their native names but by the names of the Roman gods with which he equated them, a procedure that greatly complicates the task of identifying his Gaulish deities with their counterparts in the insular literatures.He also presents a neat schematic equation of god and function that is quite foreign to the vernacular literary testimony.Yet, given its limitations, his brief catalog is a valuable witness.The gods named by Caesar are well-attested in the later epigraphic record of Gaul and Britain.

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