Snuff jar dating revalidating

Snuff bottle production reached aesthetic and technological heights during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (1736 - 1795), who particularly appreciated the artfulness of the miniature containers.

Members of the Qianlong court frequently exchanged the exquisite receptacles as gifts, and by the mid-nineteenth century, snuff bottles had become mandatory items of apparel for Chinese gentlemen and those who aspired to this status.

Value can change: The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold.

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We will also include a complete list of all known songs about snuff bottles with free downloads. We believe that in a mature, rising market the best interests of the collector are served by selling on the open market through auction, and we offer a service acting on behalf of collectors to achieve the best results by working closely with major auction houses worldwide.

All cultures use snuff and Chinese snuff bottles are highly collectible bringing big bucks for rare specimens. We have received many comments that it is the best/easiest to use/visionary (oh, ok, no-one ever actually said that, but we read between the lines) website in the snuff-bottle world, so we have decided to improve it beyond recognition.From now on it will be abuzz with new ideas, new content, useful information, feedback options, and stuff that only Nick Moss understands.This Snuff Bottle is a pilgrim's bottle shape, which is a flattened vessel with cords drawn around the outside for ease of carrying.* Works in the collection are moved off view for many different reasons.

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