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I’m chucking it before it gives me a heartattack…)) Hey guys! :3 running the game as I had it through the beta testers revealed a LOT of problems so I have been slowly working on addressing everything. This is also a possible fix for people with this problem.In reality, the game as it is now is practically a different game entirely. Might change for the final game, depending on the response. I'm a bit late, but as for the missing d3dx9_37file, it's actually much simpler to download that very file and pop it into the game's folder. The only reason I refrained from suggesting it earlier is that it is relatively easy to make a malicious DLL file and not everyone on the Internet is scrupulous.I don't mean things like how the pictures look or what not, I need to know if you can navigate through the game without any problems. Not that aesthetics aren't important, but usability deals with the mechanics of the program. ^-^The game plays well and it is perfectly navigable.

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Namco High was a freemium browser-based dating sim featuring characters from Namco Bandai's video game franchises. Playing as the Cousin to the Prince from the Katamari series, the player was able to date other Namco Bandai characters.fandom-storys asked: it is awesome you are still in the making! i am currently trying to make a game for homestuck of my own, any advice? Get yourself a good crew and don’t take on too much work yourself.My biggest mistake was trying to bite off more then I can chew and I’m paying for it. @alphatimelinebetakid @foxy-sierra feel free to reblog this with your own advice if you have any.Thank you everyone for your input and interest.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alright guys, I really need your help with this.I have to do usability testing, which basically means I need people to play the game and then tell me what needs to be fixed.

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