Dating atkins saws

Classic 26 " Disston D8 Crosscut Saw Pre 1917Wenzloff 24 In Panel Saw 9 Ppi Cc (custom, Disston, Harvey Peace, Lie Nielsen)Lie Nielsen 14ppi Crosscut Gent Saw Uncommon Classic 28 " Disston No 16 Rip Saw Veritas Gent Saw Antique Shepard & Dudley N.y. D8 24" Crosscut Panel Saw - 11 Ppi Knapp Usa Hunting Saw And Sheath Vintage Rare 1940's Wwii Era Disston Usa 12" 10 Tpi Tool Box Saw !!!

Amputation & Surgical Medical Saw Well Used Wwi / Wwii German Butcher Blade Saw Back Bayonet & Scabbard All Steel Wenzloff Disston Model 77 Saw (rare), Lie Nielsen, Tenon Saw Wenzloff Disston Model 77 Saw (rare), Tenon Saw Wenzloff Cc Panel Saw (lie Nielsen, Disston, Custom, High End)Wenzloff Cc Panel Saw (disston Pattern, Custom, High End)Vintage Craftsman Power Hack Saw-restored With Motor. Crosscut Fat Boy Bucking Saw Antique Halloween Vtg Witch & Jack-o-lantern Wood See Saw Toy Extremely Rare 13"Funko Pop Saw Billy Glow Gitd Sdcc 2014 Exclusive W Protector Vintage Stanley No 246 Mitre Miter Box W Atkins Fine Saw In Wooden Box Vintage Gem Rock Cutter Saw Lapidary6" Inch Rock Rascal Lapidary Rock Trim Saw With Blade, Good Condition Ray Tech Lapidary Saw Hand Crafted Custom Applewood Skinner Bushcraft Edc,vintage Buzz Saw L6 Original Wwi German Butcher Blade Saw Back Bayonet!

Caution: The dates proposed in this study are only estimated dates.

It is important to understand that there is no documentation of any kind that support these dates.

What Stanley is to planes and Keen Kutter is to axes and pocket knives, Disston is to handsaws.

The fact is, we have many more saws available to sell than we have listed.The intent of this work is to share knowledge I have gained from the Disston backsaws in my custody.I encourage my readers to offer additional information that may fill holes or be of a contrary nature.Automatic Atlas Clausing Wenzloff 24 In Panel Saw 9 Ppi Cc (custom, Disston, Harvey Peace)10" Beacon Star Lapidary Rock Trim Slab Saw With Motor.12 Inches Mall Saw Worm Drive. GG's -- Can anyone help me to date an Atkins compass saw? Atkins Indianapolis Ind" and in small type "pat dec 27, 1887" (I think...).

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