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Even though you can have a signature in your profile, it will not be visible below your posts.

Upon reading a post, the signature looks almost like the next post or even a commercial banner depending on the type of the signature.

Well there are two types of fertilization: one is “in vivo” (in the living system, in the life form) and other is “in vitro” (as the fertilization is done in Petri dish which is made of glass.) Vitrify (V): convert into glass or a glass like substance by exposure to heat.

People you might have heard about a particular type of tiles that are quite famous these days, by name “vitrified tiles”, they are called so because they undergo a process called as “Vitrification” which gives them a shiny, glass like appearance.

For example, the Seven Deadly Sins – greed, lust, envy, gluttony, pride, sloth, and wrath – mostly point to the soul-defiling seduction of compulsive, self-obsessed grasping.They are still visible in the profile page....topic subscriptions.Being able to subscribe to a topic or an entire forum is great! The more the forums grow, the more useless this function becomes.Despite the advance in use of ethernet networking at the top of the professional lighting industry, DMX is still the best answer for most lighting control applications.DMX had the advantage in that a total of 512 (hence the name DMX512) dimmer channels could be controlled using only a 2-core and Ground signal cable.

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