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There turn out to be quite a few exceptions, but the general rule does seem to be that only government officials of various kinds can initiate criminal prosecutions. But a few hours of looking on my part has turned up the following partial list: Limits on charges initiated by private citizens.

The above list illustrates that many jurisdictions that allow private citizens to initiate criminal charges place limitations on such cases.

That rumour took off quickly online, among supporters of Donald Trump and others who were convinced about a conspiracy or simply wanted to perpetuate the idea that there is one.

As most readers know, it is common in North Carolina for private citizens to seek the issuance of an arrest warrant or a summons.He had come to look into the fictitious conspiracy theory, according to a police statement.But he was far from the first person to become activated by the claims that the pizza was harbouring a secret connection to abuse and the highest echelons of power.Please check out these web sites to get additional information on nudism/naturism.If you have specific questions please click the "Contact Us" link at the top of this web site.

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