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We’re used to customizing everything from our Facebook feeds to the news we read to the possibility of “designer babies,” so it makes sense that we seek a partner who meets our romantic specifications. Religious spaces like mosques are typically gender segregated, and many Muslim millennials who grew up in North America find the idea of arranged marriage outdated.Instead of going the traditional route, they are taking the search into their own hands while respecting their parents’ beliefs and wishes.

Portions of the ban, affecting six Muslim-majority nations – Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen – were passed by the Supreme Court this week and went into effect on Thursday evening local time.

Samia Aljahmi, 37, sat down exhausted after teaching an English class to a small group in the Al-Noor Social Centre, and said that her Muslim faith instructs her to respect the President no matter what, but that she is worried nonetheless.

Born and raised in Michigan, Brooklyn is her adopted home. They love the education.” The President’s travel ban has had a rocky road to implementation.

You meet two or three people and marry one of them instead of taking the time to meet many people and get an understanding of what you like.

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