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Volunteers interested/recruited Record of updates and refills of leaflet stocks (in NVU, search on "$") 19th January 2012: Activating Bluebell Heath grant 23rd January 2012 email from Phil Cooper, Press Officer, Heritage Lottery Fund about press release 14th February 2012: Press releases about Bluebell Heath Project sent 16th Feb 2012: Payment request and report forms from Heritage Lottery Fund 19th February 2012: Using Veolia facility for Bluebell Heath project training course 21st February 2012 Steering Committee meeting 22nd February 2012: Email from Robin Youle about financial and insurance implications of Bluebell Heath project 24th February 2012: Email and phone call from Simon Braidman re.

Bluebell Heath 28th February 2012: More on botanical surveying course, including the book the students will have to have 9th March 2012: My email about contractor work at Bluebell Heath and John Dobson's reply 10th March 2012 Simon Braidman and John Dobson re.

Bluebell Heath 11th March 2012 Historical document by Isobel Thompson 13th March 2012: Bluebell Heath Steering Committee meeting Milton Edwards wants to photograph the pillow mounds John Dobson and Simon Braidman's detailed plan for the works on the site Work towards Statement of Significance - who is responsible for what Plant surveying course - now definitely at Bernays Hall, June 26 through 30 2012 Simon on possible bat experts Publicity - what's to do next Date of next meeting - 27th April 2012, PM, at the tithe barn, Headstone Manor 14th March 2012: GIGL data for Stanmore Common 17th March 2012 Article in Optima magazine 18th March 2012 Working party at Stanmore Common - Simon's report 20th March 2012: Emails to possible contractors for Bluebell Heath work and follow-up 20th March 2012: Simon/Steve meeting about educational materials etc.

20th March 2012: Robin Youle about how the Heritage Lottery Fund grant operates 25th March 2012: Advert for Harrow Observer 25th March 2012: Email to everyone about logging volunteer time 1st April 2012: Working party at Stanmore Common - Simon Braidman's report 3rd April 2012: message to everyone about first draft of new leaflet 4th April 2012: message from Simon to Alina Congreve about student study at Bluebell Heath 6th April 2012: Date of next meeting 9th April 2012: Harrow Community Radio 11th April 2012: Feedback on draft of on-site information board 12th April 2012: Geology, from Dave Brook of the Harrow and Hillingdon Geology Society, for the Statement of Significance 15th April 2012: Roller banner display for museum 15th April 2012: Simon Braidman's report on working party 18th April 2012: John Hollingdale re.

4th April 2014: John Dobson on Salix repens (Creeping willow) 15th April 2014: My email to Laura Butcher at HLF re money 16th July 2014: Steering Committee meeting 16th July 2014: Email from Alison Torbitt (but not read until after I sent out the messages below dated 20th-21st July) 17th July 2014: Message from John Dobson on length of nature trails 20th July 2014: Email to Alison Torbitt 21st July 2014: Email to Margaret Huitson and John Hollingdale 21st July 2014: Email to Simon Braidman, Neville Day and John Winter 21st July 2014: Email to Pat Clarke and Anne Swinson 25th July 2014: Old bottle found by John Winter 26th July 2014: Walking and photographing nature trail 20th August 2014: Email to Shelly Signs re.

In 1829, they bought out West and Wyatt, renamed it to Crosse & Blackwell, and set about refreshing the product lines by purchasing new recipes from chefs.

But a former attendant has spilled the beans to the local newspaper, the Harrow Observer - apparently they are required to issue at least 25 tickets a day, or their pay is docked.

"Some staff issue dodgy tickets to bring their count up," he revealed, describing Harrow's target as more extreme than any other borough he knows.

Harrow specialisms included photography, fashion and ceramics.

Additions were made to the buildings at Northwick Park in the 1970s.

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