Dating wing nuts

Wing Nuts are available in A2 and A4 Stainless Steel as standard, with the option of Chemical Black Coatings available on request.Specialist materials such as Titanium and Nylon 66 are also available.I started to make too many things and I think Anna saw that we were going to get buried alive in pots so we just started a business to have an opportunity to sell the pots.Anna: We were both working full-time, so it started very much on the side, and so we slowly chipped away at nighttime.Today Asuka is dedicated full-time to throwing on the wheel, a phrase we learned while chatting to the couple in their combined home studio.

“Nut” here is, of course a slang term meaning “crazy person,” derived from the very old use of “nut” to mean “head.” Interestingly, however, “wingnut” had a low-key presence in the culture back in the 1980s as a simple, non-political synonym for “eccentric person” or “crackpot,” a use clearly not derived from a shortening of “right-wing nut.” It seems to have been especially popular in Canada, applied to everything from bad drivers (“Our most vociferous broadside against wingnut drivers,” Toronto Star, 1987) to the late Michael Jackson (“Moonwalk is less an autobiography than a printed response. That we have misunderstood his idiosyncrasies and unfairly branded him a celebrity wingnut,” The Gazette, Montreal, 1988).

KELLOGG, or CHICAGO, i LLINOIS, Ass Ie Noa'ro cnnrnanscanw COMPANY, 01' CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATIONOF ILLINOIS, WING NUT Application filed December 27, 1932. Another object of the invention is to provide a one-piece wing nut having strong and rigid wings bent or folded from sheet metal. 2 is a perspective view of the blank formed in the stamping operation. 3 is a perspective view of one form ofwing nut embodying my invention. The blank is subjected to abending operation in which the wing members 11 bent or.

27, 1932 Efjfi XENTOR d yk jgza ATTORNEY Patented July 25, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT o FHc E HARRY r. This invention relates to wing nuts and its object is to provide an integral wing nut of strong and novel construction made bystamping and bending a metal blank to shape 5 and having a solid substantial body which is tapped to receive a screw. is a perspective view of another form of wing nut embodying my invention. 5 is a perspective view of still another form of wing nut embodying my invention. The wing members are connected with the body throughout the length of the inner ends of the wing members and substantially throughout the length of the body whereby a strong 60 connection is provided between the wings and the body which precludes the possibility of bending or breaking the wings in applying the nut to or removing it from a screw, even with the use of tools and under any ordinary requirements.

My guess is that this use of “wingnut” is a simple elaboration of “nut” in the “crackpot” sense, perhaps invoking the “wings” of a mechanical wingnut to suggest flights of fantasy or the like.

This non-political “wingnut” surely contributed to the current political “nutcase” use of the word.

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