Consolidating democracy in ghana progress and prospects

Received Date: May 18, 2015; Accepted Date: June 04, 2015; Published Date: June 14, 2015 Citation: Van Gyampo RE (2015) The Church and Ghana’s Drive Towards Democratic Consolidation and Maturity. doi: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000161 Copyright: © 2015 Van Gyampo RE.

When the vacillating military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida, finally allowed presidential elections to proceed in June 1993—one of the best the country had ever known—it was abruptly annulled by his regime.

Desmond Tutu announces that he is giving up his current post to become Secretary-General of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) which is taking an increasingly radical position against apartheid.

Required all black persons to become citizens of a self-governing territorial authority.

Some wondered if the new demands being placed on African nations by international donor institutions as well as heightened individual expectations for better lives could be met by the nascent democracies.

Participants indicated that, although contemporary authoritarian regimes in Africa have taken a number of forms, they fall within the general models of one-party systems, personal dictatorships, and military regimes.

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