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Essentially, there was a total pretend "purse" of 00.

If a hostage escaped by him/herself they could get it all. If one of the good guys got both hostages free by paying the ransom, the bad guys would split it, or they could work covertly together to try and keep more for themselves (cut one of the others out of the loop).

There were a ton of parameters, but basiy the bad guys had certain limitations on what they could do, but the goal was for them to find the hostages and take them, and then a ransom was put out.

The good guys could work together or try and manipulate the situation for their own selfish benefit.

There are many more permutations but after playing a few times, you really start to see quite a bit of strategy and game theory involved, trying to assess each player's motives (we kept a running score, and drew names for roles each time). I come into your store every single day so I can talk to you, but I get scared and stare at you from a distance instead. I've come into your store often enough that I know when you are most likely to be working.

It was really complex and took quite a bit of effort from everyone but man it was a blast. I show up at least once during every one of your shifts and I hang back, out of view, watching you, trying to muster courage. Today I'm going to start with leaving my girlfriend. nude mature women of 83672 anyone want to talk m4w I am kinda new to the area don't know anyone outside of work and am bored most of the time who wants to talk about anything live web cam Lakes Entrance sex guys The Plains creative vegetarian seeking like minded individual Release the Crackin m4w Look in to give a cum facial, then if you are clean down there maybe give out a tongue bath also. m4w I am very real, 38 yr old white male looking to have some fun this afternoon.

Bikes were of high quality, and most will still be fine to say that you’ve heard all of these things before you have sex.

However, this is not merely a casual offer of a weekend spanking to a woman who has fantasized about same.

Instead, I am looking for someone who will submit to me based on my ability to understand your needs and you will learn to trust me completely with your pleasure, your body and your mind.

The mind is the sexiest organ of all, and thankfully I am well endowed.

You would be looking for goodlooking classy wowan wrong, for they are quite the opposite of weak.

It is the sub that holds the real power because she ultimately decides the limits of her domination.

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