Awstats stopped updating

If you answer yes, awstats_will modify your httpd.conf, changing the following directive: from Custom Log /yourlogpath/yourlogfile common to Custom Log /yourlogpath/yourlogfile combined See the Apache manual for more information on this directive (possibly installed on your server as B) awstats_will then add, if not already present, the following directives to your Apache configuration file (note that the "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot" path might differ according to your distribution or OS: # # Directives to add to your Apache conf file to allow use of AWStats as a CGI.Our service record reflects a consistent 99.9% uptime rating, superior customer satisfaction is the norm and our support services cover the entire spectrum of internet needs.From basic Dialup Internet Access to Business Class Solutions, Sunset's got you covered.If the script is supposed to be run as a cron job, then perhaps the reason it didn't get configured is that I already have cron jobs configured (which were untouched by the awstats installation).Can someone can tell how to get the script running automatically (when I run it manually I HAVE to run it from from the directory its located in $HOME/webapps/awstats otherwise it can't find the files referenced). (not knowing much about Linux) drill into AWStats "file type" report; 22% php on Django site Rails app start script in crontab Can use python2.7 with Cron no crontab for username?to manage software raid arrays; it assumes you have a good understanding of software RAID and Linux in general, and it will just explain the commands line usage of mdadm.The examples bellow use RAID1, but they can be adapted for any RAID level the Linux kernel driver supports.

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