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Hope you surviving the floods in Queensland here its snow, ice and freezing temps. Spotted a lot of names I remember in the fleet lists. Trish is the name that was used in Reardon Smiths for a lecky.

Regards Iain Taylor Hi Bob Mac, Good to hear from you. One of my colleagues has decided to move to pastures new and I think I will be landed with one of his ships which is scheduled to go in to CL for her annual overhaul. Have met up with a few people in other companies since. Take care Tom and have a Famous Grouse or two on me.

Remember you getting stuck into the Drambuie while watching the go-go girls in the smoke-room, you had your chair parked 3 foot in front of them and a pair of binoculars (theatre glasses? Tom Sommerville Hi Tom, Remember it well the go-go girls went down a treat, we had some terrific parties around the Aussie Coast also a few on the American Coast, sorry to hear about Tony Beale he flew out with me to join in the Big Apple nice chap.

Still trying to think of a few names of those sailed with - John Nolan Eng, Alan Simpson Eng probably from the Halifax Star.

This is simple example, but in real code, you should split it to 2 files: cache_and cache_

The cache_will store the beginning code until ob_start(); and the cache_will start from GET HTML WEBPAGE.

The call from one of the Navigate Url() overloads mustn't be formatting the page correctly. Sorry about that-Bruce Ok I now I got dll, pdb and sample web.config.background: I am upgrading current portal from 4.05.0 to 4.08.0 and working on clonned portal. Friendly Url in to the /bin directory.3) Replace with this entry: 4) Replace the existing ''DNNFriendly Url'' provider section And when I try to build website I still get following error C:\source Code_plus_4_08_0_install\source\Back Channel Portal\admin\Host\Friendly vb(44,0): error BC30560: 'Rewriter Rule Collection' is ambiguous in the namespace 'Dot Net Nuke. Any thoughts, ideas or experience would be really appreciated.-Amit[administrator edit for comment size]@amit In the future, please post your technical questions in the support forums. In 4.8 this file is no longer needed, but it isn't removed in the upgrade.

In case you have any questions, drop me an email at org/president.

Thanks all for the feedback on the replace spaces problems. Init Recursive(Control naming Container) at System. Basically you are producing the new friendly Urls but you haven't given the site a way of decoding them until you also configure the Url Rewriting section. Also make sure you have the latest version for download, to be sure grab it from the free downloads page. Friendly Url" file but it failed to extract. There was a corruption in the MIME header with regards to file size, which results in a corrupt ZIP file.

I'll work on a fix for the reported problems and post a new version. I've fixed the problem, you should be able to download OK. I have already spent great deal of time after upgradation and still not done.

Once the replace with "space-character" problem is working, I will also post on the DNN forums and see if we can get these changes all put into the core. Where it says .\png it should say \- correct this while you are at it.-Bruce Harsha- please post your support questions to the Support Forums.

They should form a URL team, with Bruce and Scott as members. You'll also need to be a lot more specific than what you have described. What was the Url you are requesting - as much information as you can provide.-Bruce Hi, I used the "i Finity.

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